• Year of birth
    Born in Palermo on August 13, 1960. I live in Rome since the age of five years.
  • Sons
    Matthew (1988) degree in Geology
    Simone (1992) degree in Computer Engineering
  • Degree in Mathematics
    At the University La Sapienza in Rome, achieved in less than four years in 1983.
  • Public Contests
    Informatica gestionale (1984), Informtica industriale (1992), Matematica (1992)
  • Years of teaching
    I teach Computer Science at Public High Schools
  • Books published
    Start Ebook (2012 edizioni il glifo) ISBN 9788897527091
    Turni di lavoro. Pianificazione e gestione informatica dei turni del personale (2015 edizioni il glifo) ISBN 9788897527299
    Workforce Planning and Scheduling. Automated Staff Shifts Management and Rostering (2015 edizioni il glifo) ISBN 9788897527305)
    Come costruire un buon orario scolastico e insegnare felici (2017 edizioni il glifo) ISBN 9788897527381
  • Interests besides work
    Reading, sports, travel, painting on fabric, sewing tailoring etc.
  • Friends
    which really count
  • Travel abroad
    Stati Uniti, Canada, Australia, Africa, Europa, Isole tropicali
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Organization and Management capabilities

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